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Portrait: Kim Herzig

Current Position

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft. I’m leading the Data Analytics & CloudMine team at the Tools for Software Engineers group at Microsoft, Redmond, USA.
See also my Microsoft Research profile page.

My team and myself are mainly working on CloudMine–Microsoft’s main software development artifacts mining framework used by many product teams within Microsoft to measure and optimize their development processes. While data mining is obviously a big topic for me, my team and myself are also providing data analytics solutions and recommendation models based on the data sets. Most of these solutions are customized to Microsoft and individual teams, but have proven to be very useful for thousands of engineers.


More general, my work and research interest lies in empirical software engineering and in particular analyzing and improving software development processes. It is my strong believe that companies and team can only be really successful if they have enjoy their work and follow a process that fits their needs. That means a process that is flexible enough to give humans the independence they need to achieve their best performance. However, also a process that imposes enough controls that prevents catastrophic failures and helps engineers to detect issues early but without disrupting their workflow.

Lately, my main focus lies on build, test, verification, and DevOps. CloudMine is Microsoft’s primary mining framework providing nearly every major product team at Microsoft with data and insights into development processes, supporting process analytics, monitoring of issues, validating and raising security concerns as well as measuring team performances. We also use CloudMine data sets to root cause for engineering system dissatisfaction.

How to find/contact me?


Private: kim (dot) herzig (at) outlook (dot) com
Work: Kim (dot) Herzig (at) microsoft (dot) com

Physical work address

Microsoft Building 17 (3801 159th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 9805, USA)
Team-Room 2F00


2013PhD Computer Science (Dr. Ing) | Saarland University (Germany)
Summa Cum Laude
2007Master Computer Science | Saarland University (Germany)
2006Bachelor Computer Science | Saarland University (Germany)

Work Experience

  • 2016 (current): Senior Software Engineer Manager @ Tools for Software Engineers, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
  • 2016: Senior Software Engineer @ Tools for Software Engineers, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
  • 2015: Software Engineer (SDE II) @ Tools for Software Engineers, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
  • 2013: Post-Doc Researcher @ System & Networking Group, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
  • 2010: Visiting Researcher @ Google, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2007: Academic Researcher & PhD Candidate @ Software Engineering Chair, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • 2006: Working Master Student @ SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany

Awards & Grants

Honorary Offices

  • 2019: (Co-) Chair BenchWork Workshop @ECOOP 2019 in London.
  • 2019: (Co-) Chair 14th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Automation of Software Test (AST 2019).
  • 2019: Program committee ICSE 2019 (Demo & tool track).
  • 2017: Organizing committee FSE 2017.
  • 2017: Program committee FSE 2017 (Demo & tool track).
  • 2016: Registration Chair FSE 2016.
  • 2015: Program committee ICSE 2015 (SEIP track).
  • 2014: Program committee RSSE 2014.
  • 2014: Editorial committee of the Open Access JISA Special Issue.
  • 2013: Program committee ISSRE 2013 (Industry track)
  • 2011: Program committee Intl. Conf. on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology.
  • 2011: Program committee Faculty Board member of the Natural Scientific Faculty at Saarland University representing academic employees.
  • 2011: Program committee MSR 2011.
  • 2010: Faculty Board member of the Natural Scientific Faculty at Saarland University representing academic employees.