Microsoft’s CloudMine team is hiring!

CloudMine team is hiring

Microsoft’s CloudMine team is hiring! Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. That’s what inspires us, drives our work, and pushes us to challenge the status quo every day.  At Microsoft, we also work to empower our employees, so they can achieve more. We should each find meaning in our work and our mission is to ensure employees at Microsoft have the freedom and the reach to make a difference in the world.

What’s the job?

Every once in a while a job comes along with the opportunity to positively impact the experience of thousands of engineers working at Microsoft. If you’ve been waiting for such a chance, this may be the job for you. The Analytics team or CloudMine tea, of the Tools for Software Engineers group is searching for candidates passionate about engineering tools, developer productivity, and affecting a change in development culture.

We look for a Software Engineer who is passionate about software development processes and data. The candidate should be eager to grow and accelerate our data pipelines. It is important for the candidate to show empathy for customers and to be sensitive to their needs. Candidates should have good instincts for crafting scalable and reliable solutions and strive to deliver phenomenal user experiences. The position offers opportunities to work across groups and disciplines. Our team works with a wide variety of technologies: C#, data pipelines, data validation and monitoring tools, SQL-like languages and Azure, but not limited to them alone. If you are into data mining and providing best in class software development process insights, you’ll be right at home here! In this role, you’ll be responsible for investigating, developing, and monitoring data mining solutions at scale.


The CloudMine team is based in Redmond, Washington, USA. As a consequence, the position will only be available here in Redmond at the Microsoft headquarters.

CloudMine team is hiring! How to apply?

We will post an official job description onto the Microsoft website and post the link here. For now, sending an email to kimh (at) microsoft (dot) com will do the trick.


Tools for Software Engineers & Microsoft’s One Engineering System

Our customers are Microsoft engineers, who want to work faster and deliver better code. TSE develops and operates a set of engineering tools and services including build tools, verification services, engineering reporting, data analysis and machine learning services. All these services work towards a unified engineering system for internal Microsoft needs. TSE services are used by tens of thousands of developers.

TSE is a tight-knit community of engineers who are committed to working closely with internal teams. Our aim is to have the best engineering system that compares well with those of our competitors. We want to understand their requirements and deliver solutions that not only satisfy their needs but exceed their expectations. We aim to make rapid progress and we practice rapid experimentation to deliver solutions on fast iteration cycles.

TSE-Analytics & CloudMine

The TSE-Analytics team is looking for a new team member. Our main product is CloudMine, the successor of CodeMine. CloudMine is the main data mining solution around Microsoft’s One Engineering System. It supports thousands of Microsoft employees with software development artifacts and development process insights at Microsoft.

What is CloudMine?

CloudMine is an engineering decision support system designed to collect, curate and deliver data for software engineering analytics. CloudMine is a “big data” solution that can aggregate data from diverse sources and run deep analysis over it. We envision CloudMine as the place for all Microsoft’s engineering data exhaust to be collected and stored. CloudMine data is provided though Azure Data Lake and Kusto. Eventually, CloudMine is going to be the super-set of CodeMineCodeFlow Analytics, GH Insights (Github Insights), AzureDevOps Analytics, CloudBuild and CloudTest Analytics. We include more and more engineering intelligence systems over time.