TSE-Internship @ Microsoft for 2019 available

The Tools for Software Engineers group @ Microsoft just started accepting applications for graduate level internships for the Summer of 2019. We design most of our research projects to result in a publication, which is especially valuable for PhD students. However, all our projects also focus on internal impact for Microsoft, that means solving real world industry problems.

Accepted applicants will receive a competitive offer to join Microsoft USA in Redmond for the period of 12 weeks. Microsoft will cover travel expenses, provide corporate housing, and offers competitive salaries. During your internship you will be able to work with a team of high quality and experiences software engineers and researchers from Microsoft Research. More details will be provided once we receive your application. Internships at Microsoft last 12 weeks.

Below are some of the projects for this year. The list is not complete and we will update the list periodically, please check the TSE site for the latest project list. We designed each project to give our interns a right balance of research exploration and hands-on experience with the product or service group. You can also read more about the projects from last year to get an idea of the kind of problems our interns embark on during the course of their internship.

How to apply

Send an email to tseinterns @ microsoft.com, including your resume and, if possible, project preference. To increase your chance to get invited to an interview loop, make sure you specify the project(s) that interest you the most and a short paragraph explaining why you are a good fit for that project and why you chose it / them. Good luck!