Testing and Continuous Integration at Scale – Expectations, Cost, and Limits (Keynote @ SBST 2018)

The AST (automated software testing) workshop invited me to give a keynote about testing and continuous integration at Microsoft. Below, you find the abstract and a copy of the slides presented in Austin Texas 2016.


It should not come as a surprise but testing is not for free, it costs money and effort. Test automation is supposed to help development teams to “[…] reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of software testing […]” [1]. But what exactly is it we are automating and does it actually help to solve a problem? Are we providing solutions that are actually worth the effort and who is going to pay for it? In this talk, I provide insights into large-scale verification processes and tool-chains that solved some pressing testing issues, but also provide new challenges that require sustainable and acceptable solutions that are worth automating.


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Link to workshop website: http://tech.brookes.ac.uk/AST2016/keynote.htm