Thank you for all the high quality applications. It was a tough competition this year. We filled all slots and are looking forward to a fun summer with lots of talented students from all over the world.

Every year, the Tools for Software Engineers team offers graduate level internships. Most of our research projects are designed to result in a publication, which is especially valuable for PhD students. However, all our projects also focus on internal impact for Microsoft – that means solving real world industry problems.
Accepted applicants will receive a competitive offer to join Microsoft USA in Redmond for the period of 12 weeks. Microsoft will cover travel expenses, provide corporate housing, and offers competitive salaries. During your internship you will be able to work with a team of high quality and experiences software engineers and researchers from Microsoft Research. More details can be provided once we got your application. Internships at Microsoft last 12 weeks.

For more info on these years projects and details on how to apply see here:

Short list of projects:

  • Dynamic setting of per build parameters for efficient execution
  • Lazy materialization of build sandboxes
  • Build graph viewer as a service
  • Anomaly detection to identify misbehaviors in the distributed build service
  • Latency and throughput SLA for the distributed build service
  • Improving build and test reliability in presence of (infrequently) flaky tests
  • Enhancing GHInsights with RepoReapers
  • Understanding how teams use software analytics to drive development at Microsoft

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